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Marking and Feedback

Using assessment to drive progress

At KAEP, we focus on using assessment formatively, to enable students to make further steps in their learning. Formative assessment (assessment for learning) takes place multiple times in every lesson, when a teacher checks their students’ understanding by looking at their work or asking them questions.  Teachers actively use this data to readjust their teaching, to correct any misconceptions and to further develop the students’ knowledge and understanding.

Our teachers use a wide range of assessment for learning techniques to help their students progress. Teachers let their students in on the secret of how to be successful, by sharing clear learning aims and modelling ‘what a good one looks like’. In lessons, students will often be expected to self assess or peer assess their work, and engage with success criteria. This makes them self consciously aware of what success looks like.

Additionally, students receive regular written feedback from their teachers on key pieces of work. Students are expected to respond to this feedback by redrafting and making improvements to their work and time is built into lessons to allow for this. We call this DIRT time (Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time.)



All students will receive progress reports three times per year. Click on the links below for a guide on how to read your child’s report.