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Wider Curricular Opportunities

Opportunity & Success on a Global Stage

The King’s Group vision is to create a global community of pupils and staff; broadening horizons, fostering understanding and raising aspirations by connecting our academies with other schools across the world.

At King’s Academy Easthampstead Park, we believe that an internationally minded curriculum builds cultural understanding, improves communication skills, and promotes knowledge and awareness of the wider world. Enrichment activities such as Global Development Day and overseas partnership projects provide unique opportunities for students to explore people and places beyond the limitations of their surroundings.

Coordinating our international work at King’s Academy Easthampstead Park is Allyce Greenshields ( If you are interested in getting involved in our international projects by volunteering knowledge, or sharing your experiences or expertise, please contact us.

For more information on our the KGA International Dimension, please contact International Director, Louisa Perkins.

Global Development Day - 15th June, 2023

On the 15th of June this year the students at KAEP had an exciting day off timetable called “Global Development Day” where they got to learn and explore a variety of different cultures; their traditions, languages, sport, and so much more!

Teachers got to share their heritage and interests with the students, in a jam packed day of activities outlined below!

The students really engaged with these sessions, and enjoyed their time learning about so many new places. We look forward to running Global Development Day again next year!

KAEP6 Challenges Abroad Global Citizenship Programme

King’s Academy Easthampstead Park are in their third year of working in partnership with Challenges Abroad and Future Sense Foundation in order to bring the life-changing experience of overseas travel and charitable work to their students. Following a successful trip to Battumbang, Cambodia in 2022, KAEP 6th Form students continued this work on a 16-day visit to Northern Thailand in July 2023.

The students’ experience in Thailand was centred around training on Thai culture and etiquette, time spent planning lessons and teaching children at a local Prathom (Primary) school in the village of Mae Sariang, and a residential stay at an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre. In addition to this work, they embarked on numerous rich, cultural experiences such as temple visits, cooking lessons, market tours and tree-planting.

Overseas trips offer a multitude of valuable benefits that extend far beyond the classroom. Firstly, they provide an opportunity for cultural immersion and global awareness, exposing young minds to diverse perspectives, traditions, and languages. Such experiences foster tolerance, empathy, and a broader understanding of the world, embodying the meaning of KGA’s promise to provide ‘Opportunity and Success on a Global Stage’.

King’s Group Academies are growing their partnership with Challenges Aboard and wider reaching opportunities for students in KS3 and KS4 will begin this year with trips to Germany, Spain and Poland as well as a 6th Form visit to Panama. Check back for updates on these 2023-2024 trips soon.

Students formed special bonds with the children they taught at the local Thai school. Activities ranged from language lessons and arts and crafts to science and sports.

Students soaked up the culture of their host country through visits to Buddhist temples in the northern city of Chiang Mai.

Students created a variety of delicious traditional dishes in their Thai cooking class.

Students prepared a mixture of sticky rice, bread and fruit which was devoured by the resident rescued elephants at Elephant Nature park.