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Clubs and extra Curricular activities

All students are encouraged to attend as many clubs as possible throughout the academic year which are delivered by our fantastic and enthusiastic staff.  The clubs are a great way to learn and have fun in the subjects you are most passionate about whilst making new friends and developing your character!  We offer a variety of clubs across all of our subject faculties. Please find details of the clubs below and who to contact if you have any questions. We look forward to you attending our co-curricular clubs! #alwayslearning

If there you have an idea for a club that is not advertised here or have any further questions about our co-curricular programme then please email Mr. Ball:

Student Leadership

At KAEP there are leadership opportunities for students in all year groups offering a range of different experiences. Every year students are elected through a democratic process to become tutor representatives and sit on the student council. These students then also have the opportunity to develop a campaign for a seat on student parliament. These structures are well embedded and we continue to work closely with the support of our Governor Mary Temperton to ensure students have real life experience of council meetings, mimicking the roles and responsibilities of Bracknell Council as closely as possible. We are fortunate enough to have this link that makes the election process in school very realistic, with students registering to vote, voting in booths and recording the votes using real life protocols.
Higher up in the school, at KS5, students have the option to apply to be a part of the Head’s Team. This elite group serves to support the staff in school and act as outstanding members of the school community. Our House system relies on students in KAEP6 to actively build their profile with younger students, presenting termly competitions and leading assemblies to encourage a friendly rivalry between the Houses, which is very evident on Sports Day!
In addition, some clubs led by teaching staff also support leadership development, but are more sporadic in nature, for example subject ambassadors are required to attend and support Open Mornings and Open Evening events, transition workshops for primary schools and occasionally other secondary school collaborations.

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