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Dear Parents/Carers

Year 8 End of Term and Assessment week 

As we reach the end of our first half term, I am pleased to report that the majority of Year 8 students have adapted well to the ‘new norm’ and our current policies and procedures. They are definitely having a different experience to their time in Year 7 but are considerate to the changes we have had to implement in school.

Year 8 are ending the first term on a high and this is reflected in the fact that on average the cohort has achieved 93% positives on ClassCharts, having been awarded over 12,000 positive points this term.  I am pleased that they have been recognised for accepting challenges within the classroom, participation and contribution to learning and have been recognised as independent learners.  I am very keen to continue to promote this positive attitude into next term.

On visiting lessons during learning walks, I have been impressed with the general attitude to learning in Year 8 and have enjoyed looking at some great pieces of design work, hearing about the black death and listening to their guided reading sessions amongst many others!  Staff have been equally complimentary about teaching Year 8 and if there are concerns staff have been asked to contact you directly.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you about Year 8 assessment week. This is scheduled for the week beginning Monday 30 November 2020.  Further details regarding the assessments, such as assessment titles, dates and length of assessment will be shared at the beginning of next term.  Assessments will take place in lessons and guidance provided for students to enable them to be successful and to plan their revision.  A data report will be sent to all parents and carers in the last week of term ending Friday 18 December.

Please can you take the opportunity during half term to replace any lost equipment or broken shoes and that you stock up on hand sanitiser for the new term.  As we head into the colder months please remember your child can wear a navy blue jumper or cardigan without a logo.  No hoodies are allowed and if seen they will be confiscated, so please respect this rule.  I would also ask that you check that your child’s uniform and coats are clearly labelled with their name so they can be returned if lost.  A final reminder that acrylic nails need to be removed as does excess jewellery before we start back.  Please see your child’s handbook for full details of the expectations we have if you are unsure.

Students will be expected back to school at 8.40am on Monday 2 November, which is a Week A.

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and I look forward to working with you next term.

Yours faithfully

Mr S Puttick, Senior Teacher Destiny, Head of Year 8

Year 8 End of Term ltr 22.10.2020