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A huge ‘well done’ to our Year 11 students on their excellent GCSE results! We are very proud of them, and confident that these results will provide an excellent foundation for their future studies and adult lives.

There were a number of notable high attainers including:
Erin S, who achieved 7 Grade 9s, one Grade 8 and a BTEC Distinction.
Emily V, who achieved three Grade 9s, a Grade 8 and four Grade 7s, and a Grade 6.
Josh C, who achieved one Grade 9, four Grade 8s, one Grade 7, two Grade 6s and a BTEC Distinction Star.
Ayah A, who achieved one Grade 9, three Grade 8s, one Grade 7 and four Grade 6s.
Anders H, who achieved one Grade 9 and five Grade 7s

Many students made excellent progress, and have much to be proud of. We are particularly thrilled with the successes of Logan C, Matthew C, Georgi C, Cerys D, Norbert F, Tom F, Charlotte H, Niamh J, Sophie M, Ben M, Anna M, Aisling N, Michael P, Sharon T, Luke T, Janelle T, John W and Jodie W.

Whilst we are keen to celebrate our top attainers, we are also want to recognise the excellent effort of a number of students who worked tirelessly to successfully obtain Grade 4s and 5s. Not all students achieved the top GCSE grades, but with hard work and a growth mindset, a number achieved great personal success, overcoming many obstacles.

On a subject level, there were a number of successes in the 2019 results. Of particular note was the mighty 21% of GCSE Chemistry students who achieved the highest possible grade of 9, whilst in GCSE Physics and Biology, nearly a quarter of students obtained Grades 7-9. Over half of the year group achieved a pass or higher in GCSE Maths, and the same in GCSE English. In Maths, over 10% of students achieved a Grade 7+, a testimony to all of the hard work put in by both the students and teachers at the Saturday morning Maths ‘camps’. Students performed strongly in vocational qualifications, including Health and Social care, Performing Arts, Music and Dance. Our students once again showed their talents in the creative arts, achieving excellent grades in Art and Photography, the latter of which saw over three-quarters of students obtaining a Pass grade or higher. In Business Studies, the percentage of students Level 2 Pass increased by 39% compared to 2018.

The Class of 2019 have matured and grown during their time at the school, and leave us as well rounded individuals, optimistic, resilient and equipped with the necessary skills and mindset to give back to society. Many are continuing into our Sixth Form; we are thrilled to be a part of the next chapter in their life journey and look forward to sharing in their future successes. I am keen to acknowledge the EPCS teachers and particularly the Year 11 tutor team, who worked tirelessly with this year group, supporting them in lessons and investing significant time in helping them to feel confident and ready for their exams outside of lesson time too. It is the healthy three-way partnership between parents, students and teachers that really makes #TeamEPCS, and I know how much time and effort the parents have put into supporting this year group too. Their support has made – and continues to make – a massive difference.

Mrs L Cook