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Dear Parents/Carers

To support our students with their learning in Science, we have purchased an online service called Tassomai,

Tassomai reinforces students’ learning through quizzing.  Students answer questions to check their scientific knowledge and are provided with tutorials for any knowledge that they get wrong.  Once set up, Tassomai can be accessed on a desktop computer, on a smartphone or tablet via a free app. We are aware of other local schools offering parents the opportunity to purchase access to Tassomai for their child.  However, we have taken the decision to fund this for all students at our school, so all have access to this fantastic resource and therefore the highest possible chance of achieving the best possible grades in their Science GCSEs in the future.

Going forwards, it is an expectation that all students access Tassomai for a minimum of 20 minutes every day at least 5 days a week.  Teachers are able to monitor student’s usage which will help inform their teaching, obtaining an overview of children’s successes, knowledge learnt and any misconceptions flagged, so we do need every child to participate regularly.

To set up their Tassomai account, your child needs to do the following:

  • Visit
  • Use the school default password    eastpass20
  • Enter the school specific code        NEOYNTVE
  • Enter their details and choose their science class
  • Start quizzing!

We are convinced Tassomai will be a significant source of support for your child as they approach their GCSE years.  Please support us by making sure your child makes using it a regular habit and part of their home learning routine.

If you have any questions regarding Tassomai, please do not hesitate to email me at

Yours faithfully

Mrs A Hird, Head of Science       

Y7 Tassomai ltr 3.11.2020