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Dear Parents/Carers

Year 10 End of Term  

Since returning to school on 7 September, our Year 10 cohort have adapted to our new way of working in school and have settled back into school routines very quickly.  Students have really started to embrace the challenges of their GCSE courses and have shown maturity and determination in doing so.

With the ongoing pandemic, I am incredibly proud to say that our attendance as a year group is above the national average, meaning that our learners are in school making the most of their educational opportunities and of course in good health.  Attendance to school will continue to be a focus next term and as a school, we will continue to support your child to ensure that their school experience is a positive one and they are supported in whichever way they need.

Next term, Year 10’s will have their assessment week for all GCSE subjects and this will be a great way to see what progress has been made since their return to school.  As parents, I please ask that you encourage your child to carry out one hour of homework/study, five times a week, to not only prepare students for their assessment week but to get them into good habits for their GCSE exams in Year 11.  A wide range of apps are available to students, free of charge, to support their studies and our data shows that students who are regularly using them to support their studies are doing better in their assessments.

Please can you also take the opportunity during half term to replace any lost equipment or broken shoes and that you stock up on hand sanitiser for the new term.  As we head into the colder months please remember your child can wear a navy blue jumper or cardigan without a logo.  No hoodies are allowed and if seen they will be confiscated, so please respect this rule.   I would also ask that you check that your child’s uniform and coats are clearly labelled with their name so they can be returned if lost.  A final reminder that acrylic nails need to be removed as does excess jewellery before we start back.  Please see your child’s handbook for full details of the expectations we have if you are unsure.

Students are expected back to school at 9.10am on Monday 2 November, which is a Week A

As always, thank you all for your support of the school and doing the best you all can under such different and challenging times.

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Fear, Head of Year 10

Year 10 End of Term ltr 22.10.2020