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You will have seen the recent Government announcements regarding children in secondary school returning to school from the 8th March.

This is excellent news as we have missed our students and are well aware that the academic structure and socialisation opportunities school offers, have been missed.

In order to comply with the Government’s requirement to test all students three times we will need to phase students returning across the first week of return offering a mixed menu of in-school provision and remote learning until we have tested each year group twice. Children will be required in the first instance to attend for a test at a given slot.  They will be supported during the process by staff who have completed training for their role in processing tests. We will publish the schedule to you once we have worked out the details.

Following feedback from the wellbeing sessions and noting the demand for in-school provision during lockdown we will start our return during the week commencing the 8th March with younger year groups. Our older students are making the most of their remote learning opportunities and coping well so can start their phased return later that week. Teaching and Support staff who are not designated as CEV will be in school from the 8th March.

We will need to ensure the school operates in a COVID 19 secure way and this is a heads up to alert you to the fact children will be required to wear masks in classes as well as in communal areas in school.

Our expectations of uniform and being suitably equipped for school including PE kit and hand sanitiser will remain; so please make sure you use the notice given to make sure your child can meet expectations in full. This will minimise any disruption and get children back into expected routines quickly, I will need your full support to accomplish this so that students benefit from the establishment of a more normal school routine.

Please look out for further communications from us once plans have been finalised.

Liz Cook