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Dear Parents/Carers
Year 9 and Year 10 Destiny Wellbeing Appointment Instructions for Thursday 1 October 2020

Further to the recent correspondence regarding the Year 9 and Year 10 Discovery Wellbeing Appointments taking  place virtually via video call, please find below some key points on how to use the system and an attached step by
step guide on how to open your appointment using the Parents’ Evening system.

Key points:
 To access your appointment, you will need to log in to the Parents’ Evening system in the same way you did to make your appointment, using the following link or via the school website
 Use a device that has a microphone and camera. For example a PC, a laptop or a smartphone. If you are using a smartphone you will need to ensure you have a stable signal. You may be prompted when you login to enable your camera or microphone.
 You will need to log in using the same parent’s details that you used to make the appointment. If a different parent/carer tries to log in using their own details they will not be able to open the appointment that has been made as it is in your name.
 Log in 10 minutes before your appointment, to allow enough time before your appointment to resolve any connection or login issues. Once you are logged in, the system will allow you to wait until the Tutor opens the call.
 The appointment duration is set for 10 minutes. The system will end the call promptly when the 10 minutes is up to enable the next scheduled appointment to start, therefore it is important that you log on a few minutes before your appointment and wait until the tutor opens the video call. For example, if you log in 4 minutes later than your appointment time you will only have 6 minutes remaining of your appointment.
 Your child is expected to attend the meeting with you where possible.
 We ask that you have looked at the PASS targets sent out to you in the previous letter and that you are able to share with the Tutor the one target that you have agreed with your child for this academic year. The tutor will prompt you to do this.
 Please also check ClassCharts prior to your appointment to see your child’s behaviour record and attendance as this will be discussed with you at your appointment.

The tutors are looking forward to meeting with you virtually on Thursday.

Yours faithfully
Mr S Puttick

Senior Teacher Destiny
att. Video Appointments: Parents – how to attend appointments over video call

Y9-10 Discovery Wellbeing Parent Instructions 29.9.2020

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