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12 October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

KS3 – Food lessons

As a department, we have had to adapt our current style of teaching and schemes of work to meet the requirements of the current health and safety regulations linked to Covid-19, as well as the general health and safety regulations relating to class sizes. As a result, we have not been able to offer your children access to our food and nutrition kitchens in order for them to participate in their practical learning. In place of these lessons, we have extended our theoretical provision of lessons and the feedback from our learners has been extremely positive.

Our department has been incredibly grateful for your support during this time and have been very impressed with the practical homework completed within your family homes. We will be setting a second practical homework for the half-term holiday. To support you and students, we will be providing a step by step picture recipe sheet. There will be electronic copies of this recipe sheet on Google Classroom alongside some short step by step videos focusing on skills as well as health and safety information.

We please ask that all evidence of work in the form of a photograph is submitted to your child’s Google Classroom page. If for whatever reason, there are issues with using Google Classroom then please do email the photograph to Please provide the name of your child and the food class that they belong to. Christmas practical

After half term, the school intends to start accessing facilities including the food rooms. So we have provisionally scheduled one practical lesson per class to commence between the dates of 30 November – 11 December 2020.

Year 7 and Year 8 lessons will take place in two separate food and nutrition rooms in accordance with the Covid-19 regulations. Year 7 students will be making Christmas muffins and Year 8 students will be making mince pies.

All students will be expected to provide their own ingredients and a container. All specific dates and information will be shared on ClassCharts by your child’s subject teacher in advance of their lesson. Please be aware that these practicals may be subject to change depending on the Covid-19 regulations nearer the time. However, as a department, I hope to be able to offer this opportunity to get your child cooking within the school environment.

We thank you for your patience, support, and understanding in a very new and challenging time for our department.
Yours faithfully

Mrs. J Fear
Head of Year 10, Leader of Food and Nutrition

Y7-Y8 KS3 Food Lessons ltr 12.10.2020