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5 March 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Year 11 Welcome Back
It is admittedly strange to welcome students back at the midway point of the year but this has been a strange year for everyone. Also saying welcome back implies they have been away when in fact the
vast majority have been actively working with the school on a daily basis and, despite all the challenges, they have made considerable progress with their learning. We are rapidly approaching the end of student’s time with us in Year 11. This year has not gone as we thought it would and students have been faced with challenges far beyond doing well in their GCSEs. It has been remarkable to see so many of them rise to this challenge and work with those supporting them. With the return of face to face learning that support will become even more prevalent. We are totally and absolutely there to support your child over the next two terms. Please remember that we are on their side and we want to award them with the grades they are capable of getting. This will only happen through the hard work and perseverance we know they can show in lessons and in learning at home.

While it is a shame that exams were cancelled it does present us with a great opportunity to really focus on classwork, assessments and coursework as these will provide us with the evidence to support your
child’s grades. We ask that students come back ready to work with their teachers, remember to be honest about what support they need and please prepare themselves for that final sprint towards the finish line.

Year 11 COVID Testing Timetable 
Information for next week – Testing
• Testing will take place on Wednesday 10 March and Monday 15 March between the times detailed in the table below for each Tutor group.
• Students need to enter through the lower school playground (by the Sports Hall) as the testing is taking place in the Gym.
• There will be members of staff present to support your child with this and help with what is expected of them.
• They will need a face covering and hand sanitiser when they come to school (unless they are exempt).
• They must be in full school uniform.

Year 11 Lesson Timetable
• Monday 8 March – Students will complete online lessons.
• Tuesday 9 March –– Students will complete online lessons.
• Wednesday 10 March – Students will complete online lessons or independent work when they are not being tested.
• Thursday 11 March – Students will be in school today for face to face lessons. The day will begin with roll call as normal.
• Friday 12 March – Students will be in school today for face to face lessons. The day will begin with roll call as normal.
• Monday 15 March – Students will be in school today for face to face lessons. Students need to arrive in time for their second Covid test

We understand that some parents may struggle with providing students with the correct uniform until shops open on April 12. We want to work with parents to ensure that there is a successful transition back to school. We ask that if you are having any kind of difficulty then you work with us and communicate clearly any uniform issues with your child’s tutor.

As a school we have high expectations of how students present themselves both in terms of their visual appearance and in how they communicate with students and staff. This is checked every morning by tutors during Roll Call. As it has been a while we wish to remind parents and carers of our uniform, jewellery and piercing expectations.
1. Students are expected to return to school in full school uniform. If there is an issue with any part of your child’s uniform then we ask that you write a note/email informing their tutor.
2. Hoodies of any type are not permitted in school and will be confiscated by staff and returned at the end of the day.
3. School shoes are to be worn and trainers are not permitted.

A student that is not equipped causes significant disruption to the learning environment and valuable learning time is lost. It also means they cannot be successful in their school day. We ask for your support with this to ensure that your child has a reading book and a fully stocked pencil case to fully engage with their learning. Stationery equipment can be purchased via your ParentPay account and we ask that you resolve any issues you identify in readiness for their return.

Mobile Phones
All students in Year 7-11 must hand in their mobile phone during roll call as they are not permitted to have mobile phones in their possession. The phone should be silenced and notifications turned off.
Students arriving late (after roll call) will be expected to hand their phone into Raising Standards for safekeeping. Parents and students should be clear that the misuse of mobile phones will not be tolerated and failure
to hand your phone in and keep it on your person will be treated seriously by the school as it is in clear breach of our rules.

Punctuality is a key characteristic and expectation of all our students as it clearly supports our vision of
clear routine and expectations. It also supports students having a calm, orderly start to the day.

The latest government advice regarding face masks is as follows:
Where pupils and students in year 7 and above are educated, we recommend that face coverings should be worn by staff, pupils and students when moving around the premises, outside of classrooms, such as in corridors and communal areas where social distancing cannot easily be maintained. Face coverings do not need to be worn by pupils and students when outdoors on the premises. In addition, we now also recommend that in those settings where pupils and students in year 7 and above are educated, face coverings should be worn in classrooms and during activities unless social distancing can be maintained. Students who are exempt from wearing masks will be issued with an exemption card or can wear an exemption lanyard. Please ensure that the Head of Year is aware of the exemption.

We look forward to welcoming students back to our school community.

Yours faithfully
Mr. T Ayliffe
Head of Year 11

Y11 HOY Welcome Back ltr 5.3.2021