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17 December 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Year 11 – End of Autumn Term 

We have reached the end of a very successful first term for our Year 11 students which is reflected in the ClassCharts data for Year 11.  Since starting school in September, students have been awarded over 14896 positive points and on average the cohort is achieving a 92% positive to a negative ratio for their behaviour.  This is a fantastic achievement and one I am very keen to continue into the New Year.

It is an odd feeling knowing that this will be the second to last end of term letter that this year group will receive. In around 9 months they will all be starting their KS5 journey taking another step towards adulthood.  It is easy to get nostalgic but now is not the time to do so.

After the Christmas holidays we enter the most pivotal time in this year group’s education. The work put in over the next 6 months will define their future.  It is something that is said continually but that is because it is true.   Education is the single greatest tool a young person can have in unlocking a positive future.   Another phrase that is said continually is that the next 6 months will fly by, again, this is true.  Students will find there is a different feel to school life as the months speed past; there will be a greater focus on the end result and a greater sense of comradery within the school community.

With this greater focus will come pressure and the school is here as always to support.  We have already taken great strides in our use of the digital learning resources with usage more than doubling over the course of the term.  We have also run a hugely successful assessment week that will allow staff to better arrange the curriculum around the needs of the individual students.   Moving forward we will be putting in place guidance on instilling self-belief and developing organisation skills so all students have the opportunity to succeed in their GCSEs.

As always, the overwhelming majority of this year group have had an exceptional term and they should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved.  I want to thank them for working so hard during these challenging times and for respecting the changes we have had to make to ensure they stay safe.  I also want to thank yourselves as parents and carers for your ongoing support.   I look forward to working together with you in the coming months.

We know that students benefit from regular attendance at school and that it is key to an individual’s social, emotional, educational progress and attainment.  As you may realise, good attendance and punctuality are vital to your child’s academic success.

At Easthampstead Park Community School, we aim that every student should strive for 100% but achieve at least 96% attendance in a school year in line with the national average.  As a parent/carer you have responsibility for your child’s attendance and punctuality and we value your support in what are difficult times.

The table below shows how an absence can very quickly make an impact.

If your attendance over the school year is… ..this is how many school days you have missed, which is approximately this many school weeks, which is this number of lessons missed

























The school uniform rules must be adhered to by all students and these are detailed in the student planner and on the school website. Ensuring that your child has the correct uniform, equipment and attends school on a regular basis ensures that your child can be as successful as possible at school and in support of our school ethos.

If any shoes or equipment need replacing then please take the opportunity to replenish stocks over the break in preparation for the new term.  Student handbooks can be purchased for £1 and ties for £7.15 via ParentPay, students can then collect them from Raising Standards.  Students will need to remember their mask on their return to school. This expectation will continue until we are given further guidance from the government.

We look forward to welcoming students back to school on Tuesday 5 January 2021 at 9.10 am and it will be Week B.  New handbook and student timetables will be issued in January and the expectation is that students will write their timetable in their handbook.  Multiple copies will not be printed for students who lose their paper copy.

I would like to thank you for all your support during this unique and challenging term.  Your continued support and flexibility with the adaptations to school life this term, has been much appreciated.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year, I look forward to continuing to work with you in 2021.

Yours faithfully

Mr T Ayliffe

Head of Year 11