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8 October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your continued support in ensuring all students have had a positive return to the school environment.
As we progress into the term and students have settled into the ‘new norm’ we have reviewed our current policies and have taken the decision to reintroduce the detention system. This ensures students continue to see peers who are not meeting expectations serve a sanction and judge our systems as being fair and consistent.
From Monday 12 October 2020 we will be resuming the detention schedule. In order to maintain our bubble structure detentions will be held as detailed below:
Year group Detention Day Detention Location

Year group Detention Day Detention Location
Year 7 Monday Year 7 Bubble – Room 77
Year 8 Tuesday Year 8 Bubble – Room 5
Year 9 Wednesday Year 9 Bubble – Room 107
Year 10 Thursday Year 10 Bubble – Room 57
Year 11 Friday Year 11 Bubble – Sports Hall


Type of Detention Time
Level 1 Detention 25 minutes
Level 2 Detention 50 minutes
Level  3 Detention 75 minutes

You will be notified about detentions via ClassCharts therefore it is vital that you check ClassCharts on a regular basis.

If a student fails to attend their detention on the day allocated, the detention will then be upscaled to the next level on the next detention day for their year group.
If a student has accrued a Level 1 and 2 on the same evening then they will be expected to serve 75 minutes.
If a student fails to attend a level 3 detention then they will be placed into inclusion the following day.

We ask parents to support detentions issued by staff, as per our Home School Agreement. Only in very rare circumstances should a child not be able to attend a detention. Requests to change, reschedule or a refusal to attend detentions is not productive, creates additional work and causes unnecessary conflict with the school.
Please be aware that we do not need to provide 24 hours notice for a detention, therefore it is imperative that you check ClassCharts to monitor any detentions set.

If you have a query about a detention then please contact the member of staff who set the detention, this should be clear from ClassCharts.
Many thanks for your continued support.

Yours faithfully
Miss L Preston
Senior Teacher Discovery, Head of Year 7

Detention Reintroduction ltr 8.10.2020