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Hello Year 6’s, parents and carers, 

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. 

This week’s video has stemmed from some of the feedback from the form I asked students to complete last week- it was clear that there was a bit of concern about how students would know what lesson they had and where they had to go. So, I have done a video on a student timetable. We will of course go over this in September but I hope that this will help ease any worries about knowing which lessons they have and when. 

To see the video, click the link here:

Thank you to those students who have completed their form, Its been really lovely to learn more about you!  if you have NOT completed the form I sent out please can you complete it by Monday 15th June

The form can be found here

Another frequently asked question is whether or not you will find out your tutor groups before the summer. I can confirm that we will definitely share with you your tutor group, who your tutor is and which house you will belong to before the summer so please do not worry about that! 

Remember if you do have any question please email 

Take care and keep safe, 

Louise Preston

Head of Discovery School