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Congratulations boys! Easthampstead Park Team in the National finals.

Esports (electronic sports) is organised competitive video gaming. The British Esports Championships is a series of competitive video gaming tournaments for students aged 12-19 in schools and colleges across the UK.

This initiative has been put together by the British Esports Association, the not-for-profit organisation set up to promote and support grassroots esports in the UK, along with AoC Sport and Twitch Student. It includes the game Rocket League which has a PEGI 3 rating and which our team use.

Team-EP made up of 3 of our students, have got through the Group stages and the last of the Elimination matches last week, successfully making it to the finals on Wednesday! We are very proud of their dedication, hours of practice and excellent team spirit. They won 4-2 for the matches played yesterday – a tense and gripping match.

Good luck Boys!!