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EPCS 6-a-side football competition in aid of Sports Relief.
Please visit the PE department for an entry form.

FAQs –
Can we have more than 6 players?
Yes, you can have a squad of 8, only 6 will be allowed on the pitch.

Do I have to wear shin-pads?

What night will it be on?
Year 7 & 8 will be on Monday
Year 9 & 10 will be on Friday
Year 11 & Sixth Form will be on Tuesday.

Can we mix the year groups?
Yes, Year 7 and 8s can play together in the same team, Year 9s can play with 10s, and Year 11s and sixth form can also mix.

Can girls play?
Of course! Girls can play in the Year 7 and 8 competition. Year 9 and above girls will have their own competition.

Do I have to pay to play?
Yes, this is a charity event and all the money raised will go to Sport Relief. It is a £1 per player.

Can I watch?
Yes, but this privilege will be removed if you made a nuisance of yourself! We expect all spectators to adhere to the FA’s code of conduct.

Can I help support the event in another way?
Yes. We are always looking for students to help us. Year 9 students and above who would like to referee etc should let the PE department know. If successful in your application to help, your team may enter for half price.

Do winners get anything?
Winners get a certificate and will be allowed on the 3G during one break time the following week.

Any other questions, please contact the PE department.
Many thanks in advance.