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Well done to our students; fantastic to see so many of you this morning and thank you to the many staff who attended. We were pleased to be able to share in students successes and thank them for working with us. A number of students indicated their delight at being recognised by staff for their continued effort throughout their time of GCSE studies which was lovely to hear.

You have probably heard we were not able to issue the BTEC results and other Vocational qualifications as they were recalled at 4.30 yesterday evening. We are sorry to not be able to award grades as this is an area where the school has seen students be successful in previous years and it would have been great to share and acknowledge their achievement too.The decision means that a number of students who had taken vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs) will not receive their level 2 and below results this week, and that some level 3 students are still waiting results or will have their results reissued. The relevant awarding organisations have assured us that students will receive their results as soon as possible.

We acknowledge for the students affected that they will be upset and frustrated by the delay as are we. But we will let you know as soon as we are given more information.

A number of students have expressed an interest in now join our sixth form and many have taken forms to look over. We hope to be able to support them in their studies and continue working with them. Mr Tamale is coordinating this work.

Finally it would be remiss of me not to give a shout out to the examinations team who have worked and reworked data sets to make sure we have stayed on top of the changing national picture They have been fantastic and I thank them for their time and the care they have taken.

Well done Class of 2020, you are our stars.
Liz Cook
EPCS Head teacher