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Respect Your Appearance, Respect Your School
Wearing the correct uniform, promotes a sense of identity, community, and cohesion within the school.
Here are the school’s guidelines for personal appearance:
– Nails: Nails may be coated with a clear nail varnish. Long acrylic nails are not appropriate for the school environment due to health and safety. No brightly coloured or patterned nails are permitted in school.
– Earrings: One set of either gold or silver studs is allowed. Multiple earrings, diamante style earrings, hoop style earrings, and helix piercings are not allowed.
– Make-up: No make-up is permitted for Years 7-9. Years 10-11 make-up is to be natural in appearance. False eyelashes are not permitted in school.
– Shoes: School shoes can be smart plain black shoes or plain black trainers. White trainers or black trainers with any colour on them are not permitted in school.
– Jewellery: One bracelet, one discreet necklace (concealed under shirt), and one discreet ring are allowed. Multiple bracelets, rings, or visible necklaces are not allowed. Anklets are not allowed. During roll call we operate a see it, take it policy for jewellery. If the jewellery does not comply with the jewellery policy then it will be confiscated for the day and handed back at the end of the school day. It means that everybody is following the jewellery expectations.
– Headwear: All headwear must be discreet and black/navy blue in colour.
– Blazer: The blazer is a compulsory part of the school uniform and must be worn at all times.
– Belt: A black belt with a plain buckle is allowed. No big buckles or branded buckles.
– Mobile phones: Mobile phones need to be handed in at roll call. Students are not permitted to keep their phone on them – this is non-negotiable. Parents must collect the phone from school if found on the student’s possession.
Should there be an emergency with a student’s uniform a note in the diary is expected, along with a resolution date.
The School Uniform, Jewellery and Behaviour & Discipline Policy are available on our website.
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