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Last week, Easthampstead Park Community School students, John and Georgi, served as Student Ambassadors at Johnson & Johnson’s annual Alliance Building and Training Session (ABTS) in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States of America. Selected from hundreds of applicants worldwide, they have been described by the conference organisers as “outstanding representatives of our school.” During the three-day event, business representatives, higher education partners, educators, and intermediaries from around the world learned about model programs and what communities can do to provide academic enrichment opportunities, facilitate career exploration, and prepare students for higher education. As part of this agenda, John and Georgi earned a Collaboration Digital Badge, engaged in informational interviews with Johnson & Johnson professionals, and designed a team-based New Generation Prototype based on their newfound product development knowledge. John and Georgi presented final prototypes to the extended Bridge To Employment family, which included over 90 guests, as well as an expert judging panel. The organisers noted that “John and Georgi demonstrated exceptional teamwork, leadership, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, effective collaboration, and kindness in working with students from around the world. They are stellar examples of what Johnson & Johnson’s BTE program strives to achieve, and you can be proud of their accomplishments.” Well done John and Georgi – we are very proud of you.

Learn more about the ongoing collaboration between Easthampstead Park Community School and Johnson & Johnson through our school social media, the Bridge to Employment website and social media. – Twitter @BTEtweets, Instagram @BTEgrams.