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Year 11 into Year 12 Transition Resources


Find below the transition resources for all students starting these subjects in September. You are expected to do this work over the summer in preparation for the start of your studies. Click on your subjects for more information.



Click below to open/download the PiXLclub Transition Pack for A Level Biology.


Business Yr 11 into 12 Transition Work

The following will help you with your first assignment.

Find out the difference between the private and public sector.

List 5 businesses or organisations in each sector.

Pick a large business that is based in the UK ie Tesco.

Using its website, company annual report and other research write a report on the business.

In your report you should 

  • Identify the features of the business –explain its history, what its activities are, where is it based, how many stores it has, how many people it employs, who owns the business.
  • Find out its aims and objectives. The company report might help you here.
  • Try and find examples to illustrate each aim. i.e. if one aim is to make a profit find out their profit figures in the last year, if another aim is to help society give examples of the charity events they hold.
  • Identify the stakeholders of the business (anyone who is affected by the business) and explain what each one might want out of the business.


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English Language

Click below to open/download PiXL A Level English Language

English Literature

English literature summer project

In our “lesson” you selected one of the following options.

Age of Decadence
!ar literature,
Age of discovery

Over the summer you will create a presentation of some sort that includes: 

  • definition and key dates
  • major historical events and life during this period + how this is reflected in literature 
  • literary characteristics 
  • key writers in poetry, prose and drama 
  • public reaction 
  • an annotation of a text of your choice from this time period that looks at literary features as demonstrated by the piece and how historical context impacts the content. 
  • any other interesting facts – bonus points for non-fiction pieces or lasting power of the time period. 

Stay away from Shakespeare, Williams or Duffy 



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Graphic Design – Transition Work

Produce 15 drawings of ordinary objects to be used in a an introductory activity. 

Choose one area of focus from the categories given below:

  1. Tools- drill, scissors, pliers, screwdriver, hammer, saw
  2. Sewing items- thimble, scissors, tape measure, buttons, cotton reels. 
  3. Staples, pencil sharpener, pens , pencils.
  4. Knife, fork, spoon, spatula, colander, grater, whisk. 

At least 5 of the drawings to use pencil, the others can be meida of your choice. Try and backup your drawings by taking photographs of the objects (using your phone should be fine) have theses available to be printed. 

These need to be brought to the first lesson in September. 


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Homework for the summer


x 3/4 vocal Warm Ups
Rehearse repertoire sent out on email


Baseline assessment 
Solo audition


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Click below to open/download the Psychology A Level Pack


Click below to open/download the Sociology A Level Pack


Click below to open/download the BTEC Level 3 Sports Pack