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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
German, French and Spanish


Exam board – AQA
Entry Requirement – GCSE Grade 5 or above in German, French or Spanish

Who Should I contact for more information – Miss K Lees

What does this Course lead to?
There will be a wide range of options open to you with an A level in languages: 

  • Degree courses in languages 
  • Degree in another subject with a language option module 
  • A wider choice of careers in the UK and abroad.
    According to a recent business survey, ‘Being able to speak other languages is a skill that gets you ahead.’ 

What will I study

Year 12 German / French / Spanish
Media: television, advertising & communication technology
Popular culture: cinema, music, fashion
Healthy living: sport & exercise, health & well-being, holidays
Family and Relationships: relationships within the family, friendships, marriage & partnerships

Year 13 German / French / Spanish
Environment: pollution, energy and protecting the planet
The multi-cultural society: immigration, integration and racism
Contemporary social issues: wealth and poverty, law and order and the impact of scientific and technological progress

Two cultural topics: for example, the study of a novelist/dramatist/poet from a target language-speaking country; the study of a target language speaking region; the study of a director/architect/musician/painter from a target language-speaking country/ community.

What are the benefits of studying this course and what will I gain from it?

  • If you are interested in languages and communication and enjoy learning about other cultures and ways of life, then this course is for you. It opens up many exciting opportunities for future study, employment and travel.
  • If you are interested in the business world, in travel, in literature or journalism, then you are likely to enjoy languages at A level. Having language skills shows that you are a strong communicator and sets you apart from the hundreds of other applicants who are limited to English. These skills are increasingly in demand for a wide range of customer service roles.
  • Having a language to AS or A level significantly improves your employability – and your pay; recent studies show that language skills can earn you an extra £5000 a year. The UK has a shortage not just of specialist linguists, but also of people who can combine language skills with other specialisms, such as law or engineering.

How will I be assessed