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English Language


Exam board – OCR
Entry Requirement – GCSE Grade 5 or above in English Language and Literature

Who Should I contact for more information – Mrs Ayliffe or Mr Hall

What does this Course lead to?
This course is recognised by top universities in the country and will enable you to follow many career paths including careers in law, journalism, television, marketing, teaching and publishing. The skills acquired by studying Child Language Acquisition and the analysis of speech will also benefit those who wish to work with children or follow a career in speech therapy.

What will I study

  • Linguistic analysis of spoken and written texts
  • Original writing for a real-world purpose on a topical language issue
  • Language and gender
  • Language and power
  • Language and technology
  • Language and the media
  • Child Language Acquisition (how children learn to read, write and speak from birth until the age of eleven years)
  • Language Change (the history of English Language from 1600 until the present day)
  • Independent research methods to create an Independent Language Investigation

What are the benefits of studying this course and what will I gain from it?

This course will enable you to

  • Develop your interest and enjoyment in the use of English
  • Express yourself in speech and writing with increasing competence and sophistication
  • Demonstrate expertise in writing for a variety of specific purposes and audiences
  • Know and use key features for the systematic study of spoken and written English
  • Understand and explore concepts and issues relating to language in the media
  • Analyse meanings and forms of spoken and written language from different time periods and across different genres
  • Develop your skills to research independently

How will I be assessed

AS Language
Exploring Language Unit 1 50% examination
Exploring Contexts Unit 2 50% examination

A2 Language
Exploring Language Unit 1 40% examination
Dimensions of Linguistic Variation Unit 2 40% examination
Independent Language Research ( Coursework ) 20%