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Public Services


Course Lead – Mr P Couldridge

A small number of students in Year 10-11 select ‘Public Services’ as one of their options. As part of this course, students work to develop employability skills including confidence, team work and resilience. The course includes cross curricular links to a range of different subjects including English, Maths and Science, and is designed to support students with accessing their wider curriculum. There are also a number of compulsory trips, allowing the students to learn in real world contexts. Students work towards obtaining a BTEC qualification in Public Services.

The BTEC Public Services qualification has been designed to offer learners a flexible programme of study to improve their understanding and application of employability skills.

  • Prepares students employability skills either to start work immediately or in the future
  • Gives students an understanding of the workplace and knowledge that potential employers are looking for.
  • Have the confidence to present themselves in a formal manner from the start to the end of the employment process.
  • Improve on their personal skills and qualities to function in a team.
  • Live independently by forecasting budgets and balancing personal well being.

Year 9 Enhancement

Students will attend a variety of trips including Virginia Waters, Burnham Beeches and the Lookout. They will use these to enhance classroom based learning of navigation and environmental awareness.

Year 10 Enhancement

Students will attend a variety of trips including Brookwood Cemetery, Arborfield and the Surrey hills to take part in a 2 days expedition.