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PSHE (Personal Social Health Education)


Head of Department – Mr D Carpenter

PSHE allows students to discuss topics that they may not have the opportunity to be exposed to in other subject areas. It challenges them to reflect on their own beliefs and values and examines the wider world around them.


All students in Key Stage 3 have one lesson per fortnight. Students participate in the PixL ‘Mind to be Kind’ programme. This discusses the concepts of kindness and respect, how we can show these qualities in our lives, and the impact it can have on others around us.


All students in Key Stage 4 have one lesson per fortnight. Students study various themes during discussion-based lessons including PixL’s ‘Living Without Harm’, relationships, charity, careers, mental health. Bracknell Forest’s Substance Misuse and Sexual Health Teams deliver sessions regarding substance abuse and sex related education.

How we assess students

Students are not formally assessed in PSHE however students are encouraged to contribute and actively participate in lessons to gain vital and transferable learning skills.

How to support your child

Parents and carers are encouraged to discuss PSHE topics with their child, to listen to their ideas and help them to develop their understanding.