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Humanities (Geography, History, Religious Studies)


Head of Department – Mr S Blay

Our aim is to:

  • Excite imaginations
  • Fire curiosity
  • Discover new worlds
  • Develop Character
  • Prepare for the Challenge

KS3 Humanities

Year 7 Combined Humanities

Bracknell Local Study – discover how the people of Bracknell lived during the Iron Age

This Sceptred Isle – 

The Sun Never Sets: British Empire and the Transatlantic Slave Trade – How far and wide did the Empire stretch? What impact did Gandhi have on the Empire? What is the legacy of the Empire?

Passport to the World – Collect your passport and travel through South Africa and China.

Sands of Time: The Majestic Middle East – Explore the wonders of a region like no other. The birthplace of three major world religions, home to conflict and a unique landscape

Year 8 Religious Studies

Hinduism – Concepts of God, Dharma, Karma and Moksha

Christianity – Concepts of Authority, Sin, Fear and Atonement

Judaism – Concepts of Law, Guidance, Tradition, Passover

Islam – Concepts of Submission, Prophethood and Jihad

Man and his Universe – Darwin, Creation and other Big Questions


Year 8 History

Medieval Matters – From the Feudal System to the Black Death.

Superstitious Stuarts – Charles I, Cromwell, Great Fire of London and the Plague

The Vindication of Women: Wollstonecraft to Pankhurst – Class, Marriage, Suffrage

World War 1 – Causes, Conditions in the trenches, Censorship and Propaganda, The Somme

World in Revolt: The French Revolution – What is a Revolution? King Louis, The Terror, Robespierre

Fascism and Genocide – The road to the Holocaust


Year 8 Geography

Restless Earth – Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis

Climate Change Earth – Climate Change, Natural and Human Impacts

Crowded Earth – Population, Urbanisation, Slums, Dharavi

Earth’s Ecosystems – Biomes, Small Ecosystems, Food webs

Blue Earth – Oceans, Waves, Plastic Pollution

Frozen Earth  – Be a geo-explorer on the Arctic


Year 9 Geography

Tectonic Hazards – develop your knowledge of major hazards by looking at case studies of earthquakes in Nepal and New Zealand

Weather Hazards – From Typhoon Haiyan to Storm Desmond, discover the causes of consequences of major weather events

Climate Change – Causes, Prevention, Mitigation

Ecosystems – Learn about major biomes in details

Rainforests – Investigate the wonders of the Tropical Rainforests of Brazil and Borneo


Year 9 History

Ancient Advances – 

Medieval Medicine – 

Vive le Renaissance – 

Industrial Interpretations

The Inter-War Years – 

Post-war Britain – 


Year 9 Religious Studies

Buddhism – Concepts of Renunciation, Guidance, Dukkha, Discipline, Meditation

Afghanistan – Uncover the truth behind this beguiling yet tragic nation through the movie Kite Runner

Man and his Universe – Darwin, Creation and other Big Questions

KS4 Humanities

GCSE Geography
Students follow the AQA Geography GCSE specification.

Year 9
Natural Hazards, Tectonic Hazards, Weather Hazards, Climate Change
Ecosystems, Tropical Rainforests
Urban issues and challenges – The Development Gap
Barton-on-Sea Fieldwork

Year 10
Energy Management
Lexicon Fieldwork
Hot Deserts
Urban Sustainability
Urban Change in the UK

Year 11
Urban World (Rio)
Nigeria economy
UK economy
Paper 3 Issue Evaluation (Geographical Applications)

GCSE History
Students follow the Edexcel exam board.

Year 9
Medicine in Britain, c1250–present and the British sector of the Western Front 1914–18: injuries, treatment and the trenches

Year 10
The American West, c1835-c1895
The Reigns of King Richard and King John, 1189-1216

Year 11
Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-39

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Trips to: Battlefields in Belgium and France, Sorrento, Germany (Munich and Berlin), Poland (Auschwitz), Imperial War Museum & Florence Nightingale Museum in London, River Museum in Henley, Kew Gardens, Barton-on-sea, Lexicon shopping centre, Snowdonia, plus more

Mock Trial competition
Geography quiz
Ancient History club
“Youth Speaks” group
Numerous different revision sessions run throughout the year