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16-19 Bursary Fund


What does the fund support?

The bursary scheme is designed to help young people remain in education, and can be used to pay for transport, support for meals, field trips and equipment and books, including specialist equipment which might be required to participate in vocational courses such as safety boots, overalls. We will also consider support towards travel costs for attending university interviews / open days.

Discretionary Bursary – who is eligible?

All students are eligible to apply if the following criteria are met:
• household income is below £30,000 and
• the student was aged under 19 at the start of their course.

Discretionary Bursary – how much will I receive?

The fund is limited so this is dependent on the number of applications received and what support you need. Generally, an amount of up to £250 is able to be allocated. When you require assistance, such as to purchase a revision guide, you should apply for the resource via the Finance Office. Any resources will usually be purchased for you by the school and the expenditure detailed against your bursary account. All physical items purchased for you are expected to be given back at the end of your course for the benefit of other students.

Higher Level Bursary

Those most in need, such as young people in care, care leavers, young people receiving income support or Universal Credit and disabled young people receiving both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance will receive a higher level bursary of £1,200 if their application is successful. These bursaries are applied for independently from the main bursary fund allocated to the school. This is payable in agreement with the school. Please note that meeting the criteria for a bursary for vulnerable groups does not automatically mean funding will be given (e.g. If there are no financial needs or the LA are supporting educational costs).

How do I apply?

Bursary application forms can be obtained from the Finance Office.

All students have to complete the application form in full (incomplete forms will not be accepted) and also sign and return the slip on the contract. The necessary supporting information must also be provided at the time of submitting the application form (evidence for income-assessed benefits must be dated within three months).

The bursary fund is limited so applications will be on a priority of need basis and then ‘first come first served’ will be applied.

Should the fund be exhausted and therefore you are not awarded a bursary, you will be invited to apply again if additional funding is received in year.

You should be informed of the outcome of your application within 4 weeks following receipt.

For more guidance on completing an application for a bursary, please click here.

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