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Contacting Us – FAQs

King’s Academy Easthampstead Park
Ringmead, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 8FS

Telephone: 01344 304567
Absence Hotline: 01344 304567, option 1
Fax: 01344 867862

Contact Us and Directions

Absence Reporting

Parental Engagement Officer

Please get in touch with Mrs Whitehead, if you are experiencing any difficult circumstance which you believe may cause difficulties for your child in school. For example; family breakdown, bereavement, issues around housing and benefits. Mrs Whitehead can provide a friendly face and a listening ear and work with you to ensure that your children are supported. If it is appropriate, she can refer you to her colleague, Mrs Kelly to access an extended service.

Mrs Whitehead works closely with the other FSAs in your local primary school and can offer support for you during your child’s transition to secondary school. She can see you at your current school if you prefer. Mrs Whitehead can also organise for you to take a tour of the school if required.

Extended Services Coordinator

Mrs Kelly works with a wide range of agencies to access support for children who may have specific needs for example; young carers, family members who care for children and have special guardianship or looked after children. Mrs Kelly coordinates referrals to outside agencies. She has provided opportunities for students to receive counselling, mindfulness training or support to manage mild mental health conditions. Mrs Kelly is experienced in assisting students who have misused the internet or may be experiencing cyberbullying.

Please get in touch if you are concerned. She has been trained in PREVENT and if you are concerned about your child developing an unhealthy interest in any type of extremist group, please contact her for advice.

Child Protection Officer and Anti-bullying Coordinator

Mrs Osborn supports children who raise concerns about their welfare or who are under a multi-agency plan such as, a child in need, child protection or other circumstance where they could be vulnerable. Mrs Osborn works in partnership with social services and members of the Family Intervention Team as well as the EWO. Mrs Osborn collaborates closely with the Raising Standards Team in school who have responsibility for children’s daily welfare and compliance with our Respect and Pride protocols.

Mrs Osborn or other designated staff may conduct a search of students if items of concern are thought to be on their person or in their bag. Parents will always be informed of the reason for the search and the outcome but permission does not need to be provided prior.

Raising Standards Team

Mrs Norris supports the Raising Standards Team in school the team have responsibility for children’s daily welfare and compliance with our Respect and Pride protocols.

Most queries should be referred initially to your child’s tutor or if appropriate the subject teacher. (ideally by email)

Students whose conduct is causing concern will be referred to the RST by teaching staff, this will include persistent concerns around uniform compliance (A copy of the required uniform is accessible from this website). You may be contacted by Mrs Norris on behalf of one of the Heads of Year if a concern is raised.

The Raising Standards Team will issue sanctions for inappropriate conduct, this may include detentions, removal from social times, break and lunch, removal to the school’s or a host schools inclusion room, confiscation of  phones, hoodies, trainers or excessive jewellery and for some students involved in persistent breaches of the school rules, the issuing of a FTE or fixed term exclusion.

If you have any questions, including detention queries, they should be referred to the RST office.

General Questions

Your child’s tutor is the first point of contact for your child and you.

You can email the tutor or write a note in your child’s diary but please remember to ask them to show it to the tutor.

Tutors can support you in resolving a wide range of queries including any worries your child may have about their studies, homework expectations or progress or maybe they have a friendship issue or a welfare concern. If your query relates to a specific subject, please email the teacher directly who can then respond and arrange a meeting or call if necessary. Please don’t assume staff are free to speak to you if you arrive at the school on spec, we will try to assist you, but staff have after school commitments or may be teaching if you come up to the school during the day. To avoid your time being wasted, please phone or email first and we can advise you.

Uniform Issues and FAQs

A problem with an item of uniform?

We are proud of our uniform and students are expected to wear it correctly at all times. Should an exceptional circumstance arrive where your child can not present in the correct uniform, it is your responsibility to provide them with a note or letter which must;

Give the context for the issue and when you expect it to be resolved (normally within 3 working days)
The note must be signed and dated by you.

A similar system operates for PE and items can be loaned to enable your child to take part. Please get in touch with your child’s PE teacher if you have any concerns. The name of the member of staff can be found on your child’s personalised timetable or by logging onto SIMS SLG where you can view your child’s timetable.

(Full version of our uniform policy is available to view on the website)

Can I have items of uniform delivered to the school?

Items from the uniform shop can be ordered online and delivered to school each Thursday at no additional cost.

Ties can be ordered using our online payment system in addition to the service provided by Stevenson’s.

Can my child wear a hoodie?

Hoodies are not to be worn instead of a coat, they are not expected to be seen in school (exception Year 11 leavers hoodies Final term Year 11 and sixth form). Uniform means the same and the use of expensive branded hoodies to supplement or customise their uniform are not part of our inclusive values.

Can my child wear black trainers instead of shoes?

All black trainers do not replace school shoes as they can’t be polished. Students are expected to bring appropriate trainers to take part in PE: Converse shoes or similar are not suitable as they do not support the foot.


Grey trousers not black are permitted.


They should be an appropriate length and not be able to be rolled up (turning over the waistband) Your child will be asked to adjust the skirt if this is the case and you will be contacted if they persist. We aim to create an environment similar to that experienced in the world of work; short skirts are not permitted in most workplaces, and many employees wear branded items of clothing representing their brand or company.

School bags

Rucksacks are the preferred schoolbag to carry school materials in, rather than large handbags which can impede others when corridors are busy. For security reasons we allow students to choose their colour and style so they are readily identifiable. Many students personalise their bags or add reflectors to aid visibility when walking or cycling in the darker evenings.

Second-hand Uniform

Some items are available, and some parents have generously donated items if they have been outgrown. Please speak to our FSA in school if you want information.

Does the school shop sell stationery and equipment?

Yes, it does, we sell a broad range of items for your child to use; all are of high quality and often cheaper than stores as we pass any savings onto you.


Photocopying can also be done for a small charge in addition to colour printing and specialist services like binding reports or assignments.

My child needs to take medication who do I see?

Please ask to speak to a member of the welfare staff, you will need to complete a medicines form and supply the medication in its original packaging.

Lost property

All items should be named, if they are and they are handed into the welfare office, they are returned to the child by the office runners. Property left in the PE changing rooms is held onto by the PE staff, and so students missing these items should speak to the PE staff in the first instance.

Bikes and scooters

All bicycles and scooters should be locked by the owner in one of the cycle stores in school; there are two available one in the lower playground and one in the upper playground. We are awaiting the delivery and construction of new enclosed cycle store which is being provided by the LA. Lockers are available for students to use at no charge (you manage the padlock) for the storage of cycle helmets. Padlocks can be bought from the school shop.